Marc Cooper - In Memoriam

Marc Cooper was our friend.  We met him and started selling his work in our popup shop in the middle of the pandemic in 2020.  Jane had been a fan of his exquisite resin drip paintings for a while and was so excited to have him in our little gallery at the back of Design Republic in Toronto. 

He would come visit us from time to time, bringing coffee or treats, and big smiles and hugs (eff you covid!).  We talked about life, happiness, pain, children, our fears, our dreams.  He was such an easy person to be around. He was generous in all the ways a person can be.

Marc lost his life to a terrible disease: Depression. Misconception surrounding this disease and its potential outcomes is so present in our society.  This IS a disease, just like cancer, or diabetes, or any other diagnosis you might hear.  There is no cure, only constant treatment in one form or another.  And it is, all too often, fatal.

Both Jeff and I have had episodes of deep, dark depression and it is overwhelming. If you or your loved ones are suffering from this disease, please know that you are not alone. There are resources available, even free ones.  Talk to your doctor.  If they aren't tapped into the mental health world, talk to another one.  This disease is serious and you are not weak for having it. 

And now, enjoy the drip perfection that is Marc's art.  He was as talented as he was generous.



Jane and Jeff