About Turnpike

Turnpike Art Collective is the creation of (newly) Hamilton-based artists, Jane Pike and Jeff Turner.  The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world on its head, and the art world was no exception.  Art fairs disappeared, in-person sales dwindled, and most artists were not fully aware of how to even start boosting online sales.  We're artists, not tech or marketing gurus.  So we've pulled as many artists as we could together under the umbrella of the collective, with more being added as fast as we can keep up.

More than a gallery, we offer a space for artists to showcase their work, host events and workshops, and a collective of experience and knowledge that every one of our artists can draw upon whenever needed. 

At Turnpike, we believe that art is for everyone.  Fair and reasonable pricing, affordable small and print options, and no nonsense art discussions that you don't need to have a fine art degree to understand or participate in, we want to bring art back to the people.  ALL of the people.