Art print service - for artists

Looking to convert your original art to stunning print reproductions?  We can help you, from start to finish.

Our complete art reproduction service starts with a consultation of what you're looking for in the end result.  Every artist is different and your finished process should be too.

We can then professionally photograph your work, giving you an accurate high resolution image.

The next step is editing. Converting a picture of a painting to a beautiful print takes a little manoeuvring. Using all the information we discussed in the consultation, we work on creating a print that is it's own work of art.

And finally, printing.  We use Epson SureColor printers to deliver rich, breathtaking prints on your choice of high quality substrate.  We currently offer fine art paper, canvas, luster photo paper, glossy photo paper, and metallic photo paper.  Need something specific?  

We can shoot in store in Toronto or Hamilton, or shoot on location everywhere in between.  Our rate is $100 an hour, which includes setup, and we can normally shoot 8-10 pieces in that time.  Should you like to order prints through us, the photography fee is applied as a credit towards all printing orders over $500. Plus, we'll take 20% off our printing rates.

If you'd like a zero pressure chat with us about whether or not your work is a good candidate for prints, and about more specific costs, please reach out below, or give us a call on (416) 856-8965.

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