Collection: Todd Monk

Todd is a modern figurative painter that creates luminous large-scale acrylic paintings using a completely unique style called ‘Pixelism’ (I made that up). This style gives the traditionally painted pieces a digitally reproduced look that when viewed from distance are often mistaken for photographs, but upon closer inspection, reveal an incredible amount of detail and texture.

He invites the spectator into a beautiful private environment, teasing the unseen, unspoken inner life of subjects portrayed. His art does not objectify women, instead, it celebrates feminine strength, as I interpret it, even in vulnerable moments.

Todd is influenced by everything from comic books to fashion photography. His subject matter comes from photography and his colour choices are reminiscent of 80’s comic art mixed with the sun-drenched, time-faded look of photos from the ’70s and ’80s.

Born in Owen Sound, Todd works and lives in Toronto, Canada.