Collection: Tania LaCaria

Tania LaCaria's love for art and creativity began at a young age when she was old enough to hold a crayon. Forever the little girl who traveled with crayons and paper in the backseat of her parents' car, her love for expression through art was supported with great care from her family. Tania began to more seriously explore her love for painting in high school under the guidance of her beloved art school teacher. When her high school ran out of art classes, Tania's teacher fought to create a new class for her in which Tania was the only student. It was then that she realized her love for art was noticeable to others around her.

Tania graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts at York University, minoring in Art History, and went on to explore her passion for translating art and expression into three-dimensional spaces by obtaining a Diploma in Interior Design through Sheridan College. Her passion for design, art, architecture and communication is fuelled by her love for travel as she has collected inspiration from over 40 countries in the world. Her travels have greatly influenced her work in design, art and also her philosophy on life.

Tania's entrepreneurial spirit resulted in her opening her own design consulting firm, an online magazine, a website of novelty curated content, and a brick and mortar lifestyle store.

Her return to creating artwork has been in the making for many years but only during the covid pandemic was she able to make time to return to her love for illustration and abstract painting. Her new collection of abstract works aim to communicate the thoughts and feelings she experiences on her journey of self-discovery. Her works are deeply personal and meaningful to her, and she strives to foster human connection with others who are able to relate to the imagery and candid messaging behind her paintings.

Tania is based in Hamilton, Ontario.