Collection: Professor Chris Hall

Highly creative “Professor” Chris Hall continues to express his intuitive view of the world around him through acrylic paint. Combining bold compositions of realism with surreal idealism he creates joyful art. His paintings are pleasing to the eye and the soul. Bright colors produce a vibrant take on his often whimsical ideas.

Professor is constantly conceiving pieces that exhibit his plethora of ideas. Most recently his paintings are a fusion of art deco, realistic birds and fun.

Professor Hall grew up in Barrie, Ontario and attended Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario. After a short stint in the graphic design field he moved back to Barrie to hone his culinary skills. During that time he jumped into tattooing feet first, where he has been honing his art skills for 20 years.

Professor Hall currently works and resides in Hamilton with his partner and their family.