Collection: J&J Photo


J&J Photo is the artchild of Jane Pike and Jeff Turner, combining their respective backgrounds in graphic design and photography to create bold colour statements with places and objects. 

The Camera series is the ultimate homage to the tools of Jeff’s art, which lend themselves perfectly to Jane’s colourful makeovers.  Timeless machines are given eye-popping transformations, floating in a sea of intense colour.  Shadows and light are replaced with contrasting tones and reflective elements are given new depth.

The Instrumental series is a tribute to Jane’s musical background.  A classical singer, from a large Irish family full of musicians and singers, this series sits at the crossroads of visual and performing arts, and is a nostalgic visit to her youth.

Jeff’s work has been featured in the Toronto Star, The Washington Post, on CBC, and on the cover of Maclean’s magazine. Jane has taught design and graphics internationally.

Jeff and Jane live in Hamilton, Ontario. They're the ones who thought it would a good idea to open an art gallery at the tail end of a pandemic.