Collection: Janet Horne Cozens

I'm Janet Horne Cozens, a mixed media artist working out of Burlington, Ontario.

My portraits are not people I know but characters that emerge from the paintings as I work.Portraits to me are more than just a face. They reflect the inner thoughts and dreams of a person. In these mixed media works, I try to explore the personality of my subjects through color, texture and expression.

Most of these works are layers of painted paper, paint and ink alternating with layers of resin to give them a three dimensional effect. They incorporate my love of geometric shapes and organic shapes at the same time.

My art is evolving on a daily basis through exploration of medium and technique. I refer to my images as "interpretations" of objects and people, rather than representations. You will have to use your own judgement as to whether or not I have caught the essence of the subject without presenting an exact image.